First time traveler

9:37 AM

                Hi everyone! First of all let me give you a very brief introduction about myself. I am a Filipina. A businesswoman. Married to a Cuban American. I have 2 pretty girls.

                Yes, it is really my first time to travel abroad. And believe it or not, i traveled 36 to 39 hours from Philippines to Nicaragua, Central America. ( Whew! )
I am sure many of you will ask why Nicaragua? First reason: is to be with my husband Luis. Second: because most of our business clients are from Latin American countries. Third: to explore the undiscovered beauty of Nicaragua.

                 First time traveler was not easy. I have to accomplished many travel documents. Thanks to my Luis for all the preparations and research works, i finally got here and luckily, i am now a resident. Indeed, i have no regrets of living here. The environment is so much similar to where my mainland, the Philippines. Most especially the weather, Nicaraguenses are very humble and warm. The food is excellent! ( most especially the beef and pork ) The country is very peaceful with many amazing tourist spots.

                As for now, i will end up my first blog here. ( Yes I am a first time blogger! ) I promise you with more exciting adventures and experiences about my country Philippines and of course Nicaragua!

                HASTA LUEGO!

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